Why does it take 12 weeks to produce?

We want to ensure that there is enough time to brainstorm and communicate with you, our client. Each bencher is carefully thought through, and each one is designed according to your taste.

Can I use my photographs and artwork throughout the entire bencher?

Yes. Our price structure relates to how many pages you wish to personalize with your own material. We are open to working with you to create something uniquely yours and are always happy to accommodate special requests.

What is a "standard page"?

We have a number of "standard pages" which mean that those photographs/images come from our library and have been designed accordingly. We have made sure the text and image enhance one another and work seamlessly together. Of course, you have the option of changing any or all standardized pages into personalized ones using your own images.

If I send you my originals, can you mail them back to me?

No. Please scan your originals at 300dpi and email them as attachments. Please note: do not email scanned images through a photo program (such as iphoto or picassa) as those programs compress the images automatically which means that the images will not print at a high enough quality. Please email them as attachments to your email or email a folder of images using yousendit.com.

Why must scanned images be at least 300 dpi?

This ensures that the images print clearly and beautifully with no pixilation or fuzziness.

Can I print the bencher myself in my city or must it be printed in Jerusalem?

In order to guarantee high quality printing, we prefer to use our trusted printer in Israel.